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Going above and beyond

· VA support

An entrepreneur advertising to recruit a super star VA read as follows:

“Though I don't expect you to work the same hours, what I do expect is for you to be available round the clock. You need to be hard working and dedicated. And if I need you urgently at 2am on a Sunday - you need to be there…”

Mmmm ... so how do VAs “go above and beyond”, and where are the boundaries?

Juggling various clients remotely requires dedication, the right skills and expertise yet you don’t need to be available 24 hours a day to consistently deliver.

As a VA your attitude and performance set the boundaries, here are 5 essential tips that can take you above and beyond:

  1. Accountability: this goes in parallel with assertiveness, it is your responsibility to deliver, to develop your skills and add value, which will guarantee continuity in any role, not just for VAs.
  2. Active listening and communication skills: understanding and relating information is key to success for a VA, and with active listening skills you develop strong communication skills. You need to read the needs of your clients and listen to what their priorities are in order to add value.
  3. Attention to detail with a great sense of urgency: this allows VAs with experience to anticipate needs, deliver ahead and/ or add that extra touch.
  4. Flexibility: As a VA you need to be able to build a rapport and a positive relationship, which requires flexibility. For example, for the sake of good communication, you need to be open to receiving messages from your clients at all times, yet this doesn’t mean you are going to be available at 2am to do work, there is a fine line between flexibility and healthy work boundaries.
  5. Time Management: a great VA knows how to prioritise and manage tasks / time and consistently delivers.

“ I never lose. I either win or learn. – Nelson Mendela”